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San Francisco Paper Shredding can provide you with cost-effective shredding options for your business or personal documents. Let us help you ensure you’re in compliance with all California and Federal document retention and shredding laws, and protect you and your employees from identity theft and fraud.

Shredding Services in San Francisco

Shredding is not an option for businesses. California S.B. 1386 requires every business to “take all reasonable steps to destroy a customer’s records that contain personal information.” Additionally, FACTA and HIPAA are federal laws that require the shredding of personal information before it is disposed.

So what’s the most efficient way to ensure you’re in compliance and eliminating the chance for identity thieves to access personal information on your customers, employees and your business? Knowing what to shred is one thing- but a professional shredding service can shred mountains of documents quickly.

You can finish your shredding project in hours regardless of how much paper you might have. Shredding truck drivers never come into contact with your documents so you can ensure they’re secure.

After the paper is destroyed, you receive a certificate of destruction for your records to keep you in compliance with all applicable laws and your records retention program.

Since the paper is shredded finely and co-mingled with other documents, you’re decreasing the chance of a data breach or low-tech hack. We offer several different options throughout the Bay area to help with your shredding needs.

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San Francisco Shredding Services

Onsite Shredding

Have a mobile shredding truck come to your San Francisco location. Onsite shredding allows you to witness your shredding and shred all files and confidential materials at your office.

Off Site

A truck still comes to your Northern California location, but a secure shredding truck picks up your locked shredding bins and delivers them to a secure shredding center in the Bay area to shred your documents with thousands of others.

Hard Drive Shredding

Don’t let your data fall into the hands of identity thieves and corporate spies- let our San Francisco contractors securely destroy Hard Drives, CDs, DVDs and more, ensuring that your data is completely unrecoverable.